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Price current as of July 1, 2019

Head Lice Checks                                  $15

With a wide range of information many parents are left wondering if its eggs, lice or dandruff. Instead of treating just in case our thorough checking service give you the peace of mind to know exactly what is going on in your or your Childs hair.

Many parents choose to treat with a lotion just in case this can leave children itching from reactions to the lice products which can look like a sever infestation (as pictured)

General Infestation.                                   $129

Package includes initial treatment,
7 Day follow up,
Hair wash if required.

General infestations are usually discovered within the first few weeks of contracting head lice. Lice multiply fast and eggs start to hatch 7 days after they are laid, a further 7 days after hatching they will start laying 4-10 eggs per day. being treated by a professional nit picker eliminates the risk of burns or reactions to home remedies or store bought lotions.
Hatchlings are about the size of a pin prick and almost transparent they can be missed by all treatment methods, this is why the health department recommends following up all treatment methods 7 days later. 
Sever Infestation.                              $189

Package includes initial treatment,
3 and 7 day follow up,
Hair wash if required

Sever infestation can become extreme very quickly. We have dedicated years to working out the best times to go back through hair that has been affected by a sever infestation to ensure the best results in the shortest time frame. We will always follow up with a 7 day visit per the health department recommendations because we know it only takes 1 missed female louse to begin the entire cycle again.

Extreme Infestation.                          $229

Package includes initial treatment,
3 and 7 day treatments, 
7 day follow up(day 14 after initial visit),
Hair washes as required

Extreme infestations require patience to allow painful infections time to heal. We Make sure to confirm no lice that may be hiding in an infection can begin the infestation again. Rest assured that our expert nit pickers will give you peace of mind and take the stress of treating a long standing infestation away.

Dematting                                       $149

As many sessions as required to remove the matting

 (2 hour sessions so scalp can rest between visits unless well tolerated)

With our experience we have successfully removed sever matting for many clients who are at the desperate point of pulling their hair out trying to remove the matts. We will not cut your hair to remove the matts. we meticulously detangle each knot that create the matt as you can see from this example we leave the hair healthy.

 Family Infestations                                $395

Up to 6 general infestation family members

Includes initial treatment session 

7 day follow up

Hair washing if required

We know that transfer amongst family members happens fast and if we only treat 1 family member the chance of a parent or sibling  transferring lice back to the treated child is quite high. Get everyone treated in the same session and get back to relaxing as a family sooner.


Head Lice and Nit Combs       $15 each