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Price current as of July 16, 2016

Head Lice Checks
Monday till Saturday 10am - 5pm

$15 Per Person

Monday till Friday 9am till 5pm
Saturday 10am till 2pm

$35 Per Person, Per hour or Part Thereof*
*Minimum 1 hour 

Head Lice treatment is removal of lice and nits the time required varies depending on level of infestation time the lice have been in the hair and attempted methods of removal over that time. 

Other Services and Pricing

Hair Wash             $15 per head

Braiding         Price on request

Afterpay Special                 $130
Head Lice Pack to take home 
Head Lice Check 
Hair wash 

2 hr Treatment 

Nit pickers reserves the right to refuse service to abusive or aggressive customers. Customers who are 15 minutes late will require rebooking. 

Clients who do not turn up to their appointment will need to prepay before they are to be booked again. 

The health department of WA recommend a follow up of all head lice treatments 7 days after the first treatment. Your specialist will discuss follow up options with you at your appointment.


Head Lice and Nit Combs       $15 each