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The Nit Pickers Lice Comb is manufactured with precise teeth spacing for the most effective way to remove lice and nits easily from the hair. Teeth are rounded to make removing hatchlings from the scalp easier and less painful than any other lice comb.


With nothing more than lightly conditioned hair, the Nit Picker Lice Comb will save your family the STRESS and PAIN of any comb used before...


There is NO hair the Nit Picker Comb cannot go through smoothly and effectively meaning you can treat the whole family with ease.


Used regularly in addition to your hair washing routine, the Nit Picker Lice Comb will help you identify nits before an infestation takes hold and remove the lice and nits without any extra effort than combing your hair.


The Nit Picker Head Lice Removal Comb has double welded teeth to ensure they will remain the precise distance apart for the life of the comb.

Fitted into a easy grip handle with a closed design to prevent lice hiding and re-entering the hair making head lice removal Easier and faster than ever before!!!
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