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Who We Are

Sherrii Richardson is the brains behind NITPICKERS. She has become very proficient at removing head lice and their eggs and wanted to show other parents how to remove lice and keep them away using the simple combing method.

With multiple reviews showing that her method works, there is no longer the need to use chemicals on children's hair to rid lice and their eggs anymore.

Sherrii is a mother to 4 children and with the constant care she applies to her children's illnesses, still finds the time to help other parents combat the lice epidemic that continues to infect our children on a regular basis.

After considerable research and experience, Sherrii found the treating of her own daughters very long hair was costing $50-$100 per treatment, just for chemical treatments, conditioners and endless combs that simply didn't do what they were advertised to do. 
So she decided to seek out someone in the area that could help cheaper. There wasn't an affordable service so Sherrii battled it out herself, finding the perfect combination to rid their lives of lice.

This led to manual removal and perfecting the combing technique. Now, Sherrii and all her pickers are very efficient at removing your lice infestation without the pain and effort needed to do it yourself.

TRUST in Nitpickers to rid your family of LICE

At Nit Pickers we won't leave you to removal the eggs and surviving lice yourself, this is why we see you more than once. The health department of Western Australia recommends that any head lice treatment method is repeated in 7 days to ensure any missed nits(eggs) or hatchlings are removed before they begin the cycle again. 

We Guarantee that if you follow the procedures and recommendations we provide to you throughout your treatment you will leave your follow up free of lice and nits no matter how sever an infestation you have initially. 

Head lice are the second most common communicable disease in children 6-16yrs old let us teach you how to prevent lice becoming an infestation in the future without using harmful chemicals smelly oils and lotions and prevent any burns or reactions.