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Posted by Admin on October 21, 2016 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Head lice are frustrating, taboo, embarrassing and resistant to treatments. They come into our lives, and never seem to leave again, regardless of how many trips we make to the pharmacy, or how many times we beg for help from the experts. Even after spending hundreds of dollars on lotions and potions we still end up fighting this seemingly endless battle, but why?

Aren’t the pharmacists the people with the best knowledge of the safest and most effective products to keep our children safe and nit free?

With the latest innovations and technological advances should we not be able to zap them dead, and wash them out in one swift treatment?

Nit Pickers think this is where they have all gone so wrong. They have tried for so long to create a lotion that kills lice and removes nits in one quick effective treatment, and although they have been unsuccessful, They have managed to create a much larger problem than we had to begin with.


Nit Pickers says its time to get back to basics. Put down the lotion, the petrol, and the kerosene and pick up the nit comb once again.

The difference this time is that there is a few simple instructions for you to follow. These instructions will help you to not only remove all the lice and nits, but keep them away from your household and your child.

Simply follow these steps till all the Lice and Nits(eggs) are removed, these Steps used with a Nit Picker Head Lice Comb are what breaks the cycle and ends the constant battle to prevent sever infestations.

Using the Nit picker Comb once a week as a regular comb when washing your hair, or even to put the hair up for the day, will then help to find any lice your child catches preventing infestations ever setteling in.

"What i have to comb more than once" i hear you say and the honest answer is YES!,

Head lice is the second most common communicable disease amongst children 6-16 years old

so they are almost as easy to catch as the common cold

REGULAR combing to prevent an infestation is like regularly brushing our teeth to prevent decay and one day Nit Pickers hope it is as common to comb your hair with a nit picker comb as it is to brush your teeth.



Survive the holiday season

Posted by Admin on December 8, 2015 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

School holidays are nearly upon us and this is our busiest time in the clinic.


Children are home from school and as parents we finally have time to get their critters treated, there are some very simple actions you can take over the summer holidays to reduce the chances of catching lice again while having fun. Using the Nit Picker Lice Comb at every opportunity(putting hair up), combing conditioner through your hair after swimming sleep over’s will help catch any stray bugs before they get a chance to lay eggs. FAQs state:


Can you catch head lice from cars, pillows or furniture? If a louse comes off the head and is left behind (i.e., on a pillow or head rest), it may be possible for the louse to infest another individual who places their head in that area. Vacuuming is recommended for any areas or items that may be in contact with those who are infested.


Can you catch head lice in a pool, pond or lake? Swimming with someone who has lice carries no greater risk of transmission than any other activity. When lice are in water, they go into a state of suspended animation but remain firmly locked onto the hair – literally hanging on for dear life. This is how they survive shampooing, rain, seawater and swimming pools. Risk of transmission will occur with the sharing of towels, piling clothing or towels, storing personal items in close proximity or direct head to head contact.


Can you catch head lice from headphones or helmets? The extent to which head lice are transmitted to others via headphones or helmets is unknown. Ideally, risk of transmission can be eliminated by making sure children have and use their own equipment. If this is not possible, you can clean the items between children by wiping them with a damp paper towel. An additional measure would be to encourage each child to wear a baseball cap to help shield the hair from contact with the item. Helmets and headphone should never be sprayed.


Most importantly – and best for the entire community – all parents should screen their children regularly

with a Nit Free comb is ideal

8 Steps To Help Keep Head Lice Out Of Your Child’s Hair


1. Watch for signs of head lice, such as frequent head scratching, A red rash on the nape of the neck (pic 1), Black dots on the scalp or on the hair shaft (pic 2). Anyone can get head lice... mainly by head-to-head contact but also from sharing hats, brushes and headrests.

Pic 1



2. Check all family members for lice and nits (eggs) at least once a week. Lice are small reddish-brown wingless insects (pic 3), nits are grayish-white, always oval shaped, and are glued at an angle to the side of the hair shaft (pic 4).

Pic 3     Pic 4Pic3

3. Remember, all lice-killing products are pesticides. If you choose to purchase an over-the-counter treatment, follow the directions carefully and use with caution. If the product fails, do not switch to other over-the-counter treatments or use any prescription products as a "last resort". This can be potentially harmful. Manual removal is the safe alternative and a necessary component to any head lice treatment regimen.

4. Remove all nits. This assures total lice treatment. Separate hair in sections and remove all attached nits with the Nit Picker Nit comb, tweezers can help, or your fingernails to slide off stubborn nits.

5. Wash bedding and recently worn clothing in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. Combs and brushes may be soaked in hot water for 10 minutes.

6. Avoid lice sprays! Vacuuming is the safest and best way to remove lice or fallen hairs with attached nits from upholstered furniture, rugs, stuffed animals and car seats.

7. Notify your child's school, camp, child care provider, neighborhood parents check for lice on a regular basis. This is the best way to protect your family and community.

8. Comb hair weekly and after play dates ,daycare, Swimming, this will help you find lice before they can lay eggs causing an infestation.


Lice = ???

Posted by Admin on November 11, 2015 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

When I think about head lice, I think about the STIGMA, mostly how most clients I meet are embarrassed to have the infliction...

It bothers me as we as a community have put this stigma out there with statements such as “only people with dirty hair have head lice” “only poor people have head lice” although false people believe these comments are share the same information with others.

People with lice are treated like they have done something terrible, they become isolated and fearing repercussions. Hair dressers turn them away when they come for help, schools and daycare centers send children home even refusing them to return until they remove the lice. Parents who are doing endless treatments are accused as doing nothing when statements like “how can you let your child get that bad” or “how could you not notice that” are thrown at them. But they are doing exactly what they are taught to do by companies false statements.

Therapeutic Goods Administration have countless actions against head lice companies who make false claims Headrin lotion as an example were ordered to withdraw any representations that the product has:

1. A "kill rate" of 97%.

2. Is clinically proven to have such a kill rate or has 97% effectiveness.

3. That head lice have no resistance to the advertised product.

4. That it contains no pesticides or insecticides.

5. it is a "single" solution for head lice” from their products.

With companies we expect them to be telling us the truth. With false statements like these it is completely understandable how easy it is to become depressed and exasperated by lice.

(" target="_blank">

I was recently involved in a booklet “Passionate people” author Trys Riddick who's passion is Mental Health, says after 5 years working in the Employment Services sector, working with people with mental health issues and networking with passionate business owners I noticed they were polar opposites.

It’s so much harder to be depressed when you live life with a passion. Passion requires interaction where as Depression encourages solitude. Depression makes you feel alone, sad, unable to enjoy life, unable to achieve anything in life and reduces your ambitions.

Passion makes you feel encouraged, empowered, excited about the future and an increasing of skills and capabilities to meet life’s challenges.

Passionate people book launch can be found here

Being a part of his book I wanted to address the impact head lice has on mental health. Having met many families devastated to isolation and depression due to the stigma of having lice.

I am determined to change the stigma, EDUCATION is the key and I know the best formula to combat head lice for a family is one that includes patients, compassion and understanding .


"That Child"

Posted by Admin on October 18, 2015 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the things I most often hear is if "That Child" or "That Mother" would only do their hair then my child won't have lice....


As you can imagine in my line of work I am treating "that child" on a daily basis, and "that mother" has spent the last few months maybe even longer trying lotions, combs and home remedies, suggested by parents, pharmacists, councils, doctors and even strangers on the internet...


The infestation has gotten away from them not because they have not done anything about it but because they have done everything that has been suggested COUNTLESS FALSE CLAIMS that cause unnecessary pain and suffering, not only to the child inflicted with these nasty parasites but to the whole family, financially, physically, emotionally and mentally.


The parent is ashamed, broke and exasperated, the child is in pain, they can't sleep well, due to the constant irritation that cause them itch all the time. Their friends don't visit or play with them anymore and they have been labelled as being a nuisance, dirty and even worse diseased. We have learnt over many years that head lice do not choose who they target, anyone can get lice from the very young to the elderly, both rich and the poor can be affected, those dirty and those clean. With all that said I truly believe the system as a whole has failed "That Mother" with "That Child".


How can we allow products that harm children and don't even do what is claimed on their packaging continue to be sold? As parents we should be standing up and saying NO MORE we should be helping these parents with a safe effective and universally acceptable method of lice removal.


Say NO to purchasing products that aren't safe or effective, NO to gimmick combs & machines, NO to crazy home remedies that are untested unproven and unsafe...


Combing with an effective lice comb the "Nit Picker Lice Comb" truly is the only way to be 100% sure that head lice is removed safely and effectively, there is no risk with a lice comb you can use it regularly making it apart of your daily grooming regime, you can use them to comb conditioner through your hair in the shower. It is so easy and simple to use that even a child can use the comb on their own hair, or a parent or siblings, everyone within the family can help each other to maintain "NIT FREE" heads.


If we all take a stand to not promote these harmful methods and products then we will be a part of the solution, no longer a part of the problem.